Invisible Systems

My Experience of Privilege and Racism through Story and Song

by Lisa Jones Bromfield


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Invisible Systems


My Experience of Privilege

and Racism

through Story and Song


by Lisa Jones Bromfield


Lisa Jones Bromfield

Angela Bowden

Lisa and Angela

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Invisible Systems is a presentation of eight original songs, personal stories, dialogue and visuals to explore the author’s experience of her societal position, advantages and realizations about personal and systemic racism.


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Feedback from audience members:


“Thought provoking”


“Found this very moving and impressive. Good mix of songs and speech.”


“Powerful and profound – would love to see this done for many audiences. Great work.”


“This is a very unique presentation… kind of a new medium. I loved it!”


Text by Lisa Bromfield

Songs by Lisa & Bill Bromfield

Soundtrack by Bill Bromfield

Visuals by Lisa Bromfield and Angela Bowden

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